April 18, 2024

Winnipeg Football Club Unveils 2023 Community Impact Report

For the first time, the Winnipeg Football Club has unveiled a Community Impact Report showcasing the remarkable work and positive impact the team has made within the community over the course of the previous year.

In 2023, the Club actively participated in or hosted over 200 community events, exemplifying its commitment to community engagement. Through the charitable ticket program, the Club partnered with more than 40 organizations, donating over 600 tickets to individuals who may not have had the opportunity to attend a Blue Bombers game otherwise.

“This year, we are proud to present an extensive overview of the positive and growing work our team has undertaken in the community,” said President & CEO Wade Miller. “With the growing number of events, youth camps, training seminars, and community outreach programming, it felt necessary to give our work in the community its own moment to shine.”

The report delves into the Club’s commitment to support and grow amateur football in Manitoba while recognizing the power of sport to inspire, educate, and unite people of all ages. It highlights the Club’s dedication to various community initiatives not only in Winnipeg but also in surrounding areas, making football accessible to as many youth as possible.

The Winnipeg Football Club extends its gratitude to its partners and fans who have made this remarkable community outreach possible. The Club takes immense pride in its ability to give back to the community and remains dedicated to furthering community engagement efforts and making a lasting difference in the years to come.