We want all of our fans to enjoy their game day experience. Please be respectful of everyone around you, including the visiting team, their families and fans. Interact with each other and visitors in a way that makes us all proud.

Patron Screening: Person and bag searches will remain in effect at all entrances on game and event days as a method of ensuring the safety of all fans in attendance. Security wands will be the primary screening device for searches, however authorities may conduct manual searches if they identify anything deemed suspicious. The Winnipeg Football Club reserves the right to prohibit any additional items if the Club feels they inhibit patron comfort or safety. As such, the following behaviors can result in ejection, arrest and/or loss of ticket privileges (including Season Ticket privileges):

  • Unruly, threatening or disruptive behaviour such as profane or abusive language;
  • Fighting;
  • Throwing objects;
  • Intoxication;
  • Smoking or smoking devices in the stands;
  • Sitting in the aisles or standing on the seats.


There is a no re-entry policy after kick-off, so please ensure you bring all permitted items with you when you enter the stadium.


Prohibited items include:

  • No outside food with the exception of a single serving snack;
  • No outside beverages;
  • No outside alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons (or items deemed hazardous by security), incendiary devices. Anyone found with any of these items entering the facility will be subject to eviction from the game and/or arrest;
  • No flasks, ice bags, ice chests, coolers or picnic baskets;
  • No laser pointers, Frisbees, balls, boom boxes, roller blades, roller skates, skate boards, bats, hockey sticks or poles of any kind;
  • No musical instruments, air horns, powered megaphones, boom boxes, pets, obscene/indecent signs or clothing;
  • Cameras with attachable lenses larger than 6” in length.


Acceptable items include:

  • Single serving snacks;
  • Only small bags that can fit under a seat;
  • One factory-sealed bottle of water up to one litre in volume and/or empty reusable bottles up to one litre or less;
  • Baby strollers/umbrella strollers that can be folded and fit under a seat clear of aisle ways;
  • Collapsible umbrellas that are less 18 inches in length. Umbrellas cannot be opened inside the stadium, or while sitting in the stands.

Stadium management reserves the right to approve all banners. Banners and flags may be prohibited due to space availability, banner or flag size, interference with other fans, or message content.

Should you observe any disruptive behaviour during a game or event, please notify the nearest security or law enforcement officer. You may also call our Fan Help Line at 204-788-HELP (4357) or text 204-330-4552.

For special exemptions for medical conditions or dietary considerations, please call 204-784-7448 or email, 24 hours before game time for a pass.


Smoking is only permitted in a designated area outside Gate 3 and Gate 4 at the north end of the Stadium. Smoking devices such as e-cigarettes are not permitted inside the stadium and may only be used in this designated smoking area.