Fan Facts
Our comfortable stadium seats 33,134 fans and offers plenty of leg room with a cup holder at every seat.
We have two HD video boards (30 ft x 123 ft).
It is the largest canopied structure in Canada, offering coverage over approximately 80 per cent of the seats. The canopy also bounces ‘13th player’ noise back onto the field.
We have 28 washrooms, 14 for each gender, with separate entrances and exits to keep wait times down.
There are more than 250 TV monitors placed all around IG Field.

Along with the popular Rum Hut area (North end), you will find the Appleton Rum Bar (200 Level Westside) and the New Amsterdam Vodka Bar (North East Corner and 200 Level Eastside) and the Forty Creek Pour House (Westside) around the stadium where many fans enjoy meeting friends at halftime.

We offer a Family Zone that includes one alcohol prohibited section.
Enhanced game day experience with entertainment inside and outside.
All washrooms are wheelchair accessible.
There are four elevators in the stadium to help with movement of fans going up and down between levels.
It is a smoke-free facility.
All stairways and aisles all have handrails for safety and ease of use.
Our 4,000-square foot Bomber Store is open year-round and houses our indoor Season Ticket Centre.

IG Field Facts
IG Field’s canopies, while giving the cutting-edge stadium its distinctive look, provide excellent cover from rain and snow, and help to shelter patrons from the sun.
The stadium’s arch trusses support the 8 acres of roof. They are the largest and highest in Canada, spanning 190 meters and standing approximately 200 feet in the air.
Many sections of the arch truss weigh more than 200 tons and required two 300-ton cranes to be lifted into place.
There are 9000 tons of steel, 28,000 cubic meters of concrete, 3500 sections of hollow main floor, 450 pieces of precast bleachers, 272,000 blocks, eight acres of room, and 33,500 seats expandable to 40,000 for major events including Grey Cup and other international events or concerts.
Half of the stadium contains a basement for football operations, locker rooms for Blue Bombers, Bisons, visiting teams and amateur athletes plus a commissary.
The FieldTurf Revolution playing surface uses about 27,000 recycled tires, which make up the performance infill layer.
IG Field has a sunken bowl design; the playing field dips into the ground 25 feet below the main concourse.



1. Is there a family section at IG Field?

There are designated family areas in sections 116-121 (Section 118 is Alcohol Prohibited). These sections can be viewed by visiting the Virtual Venue by clicking here.

2. Is there a student section at IG Field and will the student discount apply?

There are a variety of price points that will suit the needs of fans who are students. Sections 138-143 are popular sections for students.

3. Is there youth pricing available at IG Field and which sections does that pricing apply to?

Our family sections are located in the South End in sections 116-121. These sections have been specifically designed to provide a comfortable game day experience for our younger patrons and families. Youth pricing applies to fans 15 years and under. 

4. Is there a non-alcohol section available at IG Field?

Alcohol is prohibited in section 118 as part of our designated Family Zone.

5. Are there sections for wheelchairs?

We have excellent wheelchair accessible seats available on both the 100 and 200 levels at IG Field. We are very pleased to offer a total of 170 wheelchair spaces.

6. If I’ve never been to IG Field, is there somewhere I can go online to check it out?

We have created a 3D Virtual Venue which allows you to explore our stadium using your computer. You can select a wide variety of camera angles in all sections and pan around IG Field for a view that will make you feel like you are inside the stadium. To access this 3D Virtual Venue, please click here.

7. What type of seats are there at IG Field?

We offer three different styles of seating, depending on the area of the stadium: plush theatre style seats, padded seats and general stadium seating.

8. What kind of legroom is there at IG Field?

IG Field was designed to provide fans of all heights with plenty of legroom.

9. Do you have handrails?

We have handrails on all of our stairways to ensure the safety of all fans.

10. Is there a cup holder at my seat?

There is a cup holder at every seat.

11. Are there elevators and/or escalators to assist in the movement of fans?

We have four elevators to help assist fans going to the upper levels of IG Field.

12. Where are the washrooms and do you have family washrooms?

You’ll find washrooms evenly distributed throughout the main concourse, the suite levels and the upper concourses. All of the washrooms are wheelchair accessible. There are 28 washrooms in all, evenly split between men’s and women’s (14 each.)

13. What type and where are the concessions located at IG Field?

There are a wide variety of concessions available in the stadium, provided by Ovations Food Services and other local restauranteurs. For a full list of available concessions, click here.

14. What type of retail area is there on game day and during the rest of the year?

Our year-round Bomber Store is located on the southwest corner of IG Field, facing Chancellor Matheson Road.  Click here to shop online, view our current sale items, and to see our Bomber Store hours.  On game days, we offer four retail walk-up kiosks around the rest of the stadium to make buying Bomber gear as easy as possible.


1. What is the seating capacity at IG Field?

Approximately 33,500, expandable to 40,000 for major events including Grey Cup and other international events or concerts.

2. Where can I go to see IG Field?

To view the stadium, visit our Virtual Venue by clicking here.

3. Who do I contact for information if I have other questions in regards to IG Field?

Email or phone 204-784-2583.