Peak of the Market Grower of the Game


At each home game this season, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Peak of the Market Ltd. will celebrate the province’s important agricultural industry as well as the expert Growers who work so hard every day to ensure Canadians can fill half their plates with fresh produce.

If you’re going to a Bomber home game, get there early and watch for the Grower of the Game celebration that happens on the field. Join us in saying thank you to the Growers and their farms for the work they do to support agriculture in Manitoba!

OCTOBER 28th GAME: Schmidt Family

OCTOBER 8th GAME: Heide Family

SEPTEMBER 30th GAME: Jason Friesen & Alyssa Friesen

SEPTEMBER 10th GAME: Colleen Dyck & Jake Dyck

AUGUST 25th GAME: Sam Connery-Nichol and Kyle Nichol

AUGUST 11th GAME: Austin Loewen – Garden Valley Vegetable Growers (left) and Lyndon Thiessen – Haskett Growers (right)

JULY 15th GAME: Scott & Kimberly Friesen

JUNE 10th GAME: Tim Rook and Phil Rook

MAY 27th GAME: Frank Elias from Kroeker Farms