June 26, 2024

PIT Football | Spring Season

Division 11 champs Buns-a-Glazing

PIT Football set a league record with 118 teams registered for our Spring season.
The Spring season crowned winners in flag, touch, and coed divisions. In total, 23 new divisional champions were crowned, four of which punched their tickets to compete at the Flag National tournament.
There is always a division of skill for everyone to compete!
Check out some of the top plays from our Spring playoff weekend.

Coed Division 1

Weam 56 Bionic Assassins 28

Weam wins their first coed championship, knocking off the reigning Spring coed champion Bionic Assassins in the process. Weam was led by Matteo Urciuoli who scored 25 points and had three interceptions in one of the top coed championship performances in PIT history.
In all, Weam had three pick six touchdowns as their defense won the battle against the high-octane Assassin offence.
Manitoba Football Hall of Fame nominee Tim Shea showed he still has some elbow grease throwing for four touchdowns. Just like the Terminator, we know that the Bionic ones will be back.

Coed Division 2

Dillo-Pickle Chips 38 Mean Girls 28

The Dillo-Pickle Chips continue to add to the Dillo legacy winning their third coed championship. Ramey Goetz, who led the division in both scoring and interceptions was held to just one point in the final, but that opened the door for her teammates to break out of their dermal bones.
Tyrone Oakley threw for a season high five touchdowns in the championship game, while the Dillo defence used their scutes to prevent predation.
If these Dillos keep winning, they will have to change their name to the Glyptodonts.

Flag Division 1

Bottle Kids 26 Sexy Hardball 14

The Bottle Kids go wire to wire, finishing the season undefeated, including two wins over their Hardball compatriots.
Zak Kwiatek took MVP honours after throwing for three touchdowns and running in another.  These two teams will combine to head off to Flag Football Nationals this summer in Kamloops BC to continue Manitoba’s dominance in the sport and potentially win the province’s fourth national championship.

Flag Division 2

U18 Provincial Team 21 Football MB 18s 0

These two teams represented Manitoba at the national tournament in Kingston, Ontario on the May long weekend.
Prior to the tournament, these two teams practiced against one another for months, with the 18s winning every exhibition game leading up to the championship. But practice and game play are two different things.
The u18s had interceptions from National team player Lachlin Reid and three more from Grant Park standout Brock Greaves who helped combine to pitch the shut out. Lock down defence from both teams had the game at 6-0 until late in the matchup, when Logan Bourrie connected for two touchdowns as the 18 defence pressed for stops. The U18s had their vengeance!

Division 1

Rebellion 53 Killer Pandas 30

Danny Harris may have been stymied in the flag championship, but he broke out for five touchdowns and a score to lead Rebellion to their first Division 1 title in a couple of years.
Three Rebellion receivers scored in double digits, including game MVP Braden Kowalski who added three interceptions on the defensive end.
Ian “2000-points” Steeves led the offence for the Ailuropoda melanoleuca, who unfortunately didn’t eat their requisite body weight in bamboo to keep their metabolic basal rate high enough to keep up with the high-powered Rebellion offence.

Division 2

Guild of Calamitous Intent 41 Sock Puppets 22

The Guild’s spread offence is hard to defend as five different receivers scored in defence of their Division 2 title.
Steven Trinder scored 12 points to lead the Guild, while his brother “other Stevie” put up a score and was a chain mover all game. The Sock Puppets quarterback and reigning league MVP Jordan “JJ” Mikolash was injured early in the season, but that didn’t stop the Sock Puppets from making it to the championship. Newly minted quarterback Tyler Haluik threw for two scores, ran for another, and kept the Guild defence on their toes all game.
A couple of quick scores to start the second half put this one out of reach but the score belied how closely contested this game was.

Division 3

North Bay Snipers 27 North Bay Degenerates 19

More Chan! More Chan! More Chan!

Division 4

Big Baller Brand 41 Blackout 40

The best game of the night saw the third and fourth-seeded teams in Division 4 go toe-to-toe in a slugfest that ended with Riley Hansen scoring a touchdown on the final play to tie the game for the Big Baller Brand. The winning convert was scored by Lauren Garbutt who had a circus catch in the back of the end zone to push the Ballers to an unlikely championship.
BBB was aided in the semi-finals when their opponents’ QB compass broke when mapping out a field location. In the finals, triple-B was down multiple times as the teams traded touchdowns all second half. The difference in this game? Big Baller had the ball last.

Division 5

Gotham Knights Legends 33 Andriys Dream Team 28

Yet another championship tilt won on the final play of the game.
Provincial flag player Jack McLean paired with his flag football coach on a 15-yard touchdown as the clock expired, turning Andryis Dream into Andryis Nightmare. Andriys defeated the bats quite handily in the regular season, when QB Justin Fontaine ran roughshod over Wayne Manor.
Cue rusher Jayden Ayotte who did his best Gotham Knight impression, locking down quarterbacks in Arkam. Andriys scored with 58 seconds left in the game to go down by one point.  They connected for the two-point convert to take a 28-27 lead. However, the Dream Team learned that 58 seconds and two timeouts can be an eternity in touch football. The Knights jousted their way down the field to set up the final play and winning score.

Division 6

Guardians 39 Fail Mary 12

The Guardians brought their coed team into the open division and promptly put the league on notice that they were not confined to coed.
Six Guardians scored touchdowns, with Ramey Goetz leading the charge with eight points. Fail Mary was led by Rylan Jeffry who had two highlight reel touchdowns, including one in double coverage where he skied over the Guardian defenders, all while toe tapping in the back of the endzone before going full speed into netting.
Outside Rylan’s heroics there wasn’t much to cheer for as the Guardians offence scored on each of their first six possessions, forcing Fail Mary to play from behind the entire game.

Division 7

Post Dig Picks Route 22 Homer Hawks 20

The Homer Hawks undefeated season went up in flames faster than Homer Simpson lighting his diploma on fire. In a battle of television supremacy, Post Dig Picks Route started out as three cool guys who wanted to hang out with other cool guys in their party mansion.
A few years later, these veiny specimens had invented Kitten Mittens, solved a gas crisis, produced the Nightman cometh, created the D.E.N.N.I.S system, and captured the Division 7 indoor championship of the world. Nothing sexual.

Division 8

Young Offenders 40 Rhinos 12

The Young Offenders demonstrated their considerable skill by switching from flag to touch football in the same night and becoming only the third team (Flying Squirrels and Rebellion being the others) to win a championship in both football disciplines.
The U-18 Flag team had captured the flag title earlier in the night and a team made up mostly of those same players hunted down the Rhinos for a second championship. The game was low scoring at half with only two touchdowns scored, but the game was broken wide open in the second half as the Offenders offence caught fire.
Congratulations to this team for making PIT history with the double ‘ship.

Division 9

Folks from the East 29 Big 12 28 (overtime)

Braden Kowalski scored 21 points, including the overtime winner to take home both the game’s most valuable player award, and the coveted first championship from our Eastern inhabitants of the city.
The Big 12 fought from behind all game, eventually tying to send this game into the lone overtime of the night. Unfortunately for the Big 12, they didn’t get the big stop in overtime. One of the best games of the night!

Division 10

Necessary Roughness 33 Venum 27

In a battle of two of the longest running teams in touch football, Necessary Roughness outlasted Venum in a battle of the ages (literally and figuratively).
Necessary Roughness gave the top team in the division their only two losses, once in the regular season and once in the playoffs to cement their place in the final, where historically they have been met with heartache and despair.
However, a cocktail of Pepto Bismal, Xanax, and the return of the legend Mike Cuma was a recipe for success. The Cumanator had a sack and interception in his championship return to help edge the rehabbing Dr. Rockso.

Division 11

Buns a Glazing 34 Lizard Kings 33

Buns a Glazing carried an undefeated record and an unfathomable +124 plus/minus for the season, exemplifying their dominance over the competition. Then they met Robert California.
This turf war came down to the final plays of the game with the Lizard Kings refusing to back down. Led by Bret Early’s 19 points, the upset was primed to happen. However, Richard Wyss glazed the Kings for one interception, six points, and four touchdown passers to sneak out the victory. That victory was short lived however as Richard disappeared shortly after the game, missing his Fail Mary final.
Did the Lizard King have the last laugh???

Division 12

Mongos Boys 42 Sneaky Mongolians 35

Once the heartland of an empire stretching to Europe under Genghis Khan, now a battle ground for PIT supremacy.
The Mongos Boys twice stretched their lead to three touchdowns, only for the Mongolians to sneak back into the game and almost capture the Division 12 crown. Max Shippen and Aiden Maceachern both had 18 points for the victors, while Zach Kent had 12 points in the loss. After this hard-fought battle both teams came together to celebrate with a bowl of airag and some legendary tales of empire building.

Division 13

Huddle Buddies 27 Pretenders 20

The Huddle Buddies needed a victory in the final game of the season against the undefeated first place team. After narrowly sneaking into the playoffs with the win, their reward? To play the top team again in the first round.
The Huddle Buddies hit their stride at the right time, knocking off the top seed then taking the championship by avenging their regular season loss to the Pretenders. The Pretenders out intercepted the Huddle Buddies 5-0, yet somehow still managed to lose this game.
Congratulations to Huddles Buddies team captain Nagel Dela Cruz who will be inducted into the Manitoba Touch Football Hall of Fame later this summer. The cherry on top of the championship!

Division 14

The Northern 44 Los Amigos Del Huddle 15

The Huddle Buddies sister team didn’t fare as well as their siblings.
Los Amigos was the top seed in this matchup and had defeated the Northern during the regular season. The Northern were led by Terrell Feakes who scored 25 points, while also hauling in an interception and sacking the quarterback. This two-way player was not going to let the championship slip away.
Quinn Adolfson threw for four touchdowns and ran for another to ensure the southerners would not sip from the cup. If everyone had waged the underdog all night, they would have walked away very wealthy!

Division 15

Down to Football 32 Bye Week 13

The Down to Football franchise had a down Winter season, but championship glory resurfaced in the spring!
Down to Football completed a rare undefeated season in style, with four different D2F players crossing the end zone. Jesse Harris did his best Kurt Warner impression, having moved from backup to starter midseason and never looking back.
Former Avenger, Damian McKenzie led the charge for bye week with seven points, but in the end, the Bye week played championship night as if it was their bye week.

Division 16

Scranton Stranglers 48 Goodell Boys 12

The Office continues to be a meme stock worth investing your football money.
The boys from Scranton put a stranglehold on the Goodell Boys in a game that was surprisingly not competitive. Division 16 had four teams (including these two) all tied for first place. The expectation was another closely contested battle. Instead, Toby got his revenge after losing his human resource complaint earlier in the season.
The Goodell Boys were told to clean out their desk by the end of championship night or face a more nefarious ending. Scott Groot became the prime suspect in the surprise disappearance of the Goodell Boys defence, throwing for five touchdowns and running in another.

Division 17

Cleveland Steamers 40 Dingos 20

Former league most valuable player Brayden Sul decided that as an MVP he could play any position and tried quarterbacking a team for just the second time in his PIT Football career.
The result? An undefeated season, a championship, six touchdown passes in the final, and the game MVP award.  s Brayden the best player ever? A cyborg sent from the future to break every record in the game? Or perhaps just a football savant?
At any rate, the Dingos ran into a man/terminator/football maestro and couldn’t be stopped this season despite the three touchdown passes, interception, and sack of another all-world player in Nhan Nguyen.

Division 18

Shower Posse 36 Silverbacks 12

The Shower Posse go wire to wire to win their second consecutive championship…in just their second season. Not a bad start to this team’s touch football careers. The Posse ended the Cinderella story that was the Silverbacks long awaited return to touch football as the Posse defence combined for seven interceptions, including a pick six.
Ideally, we aren’t waiting another half decade for a Silverback sighting.

Division 19

Tapps Free Agents 38 Crusty Crusaders 18

The Tapps Free Agents ended the Crusty Crusaders undefeated season in an offensive onslaught. Tapps was led by former league MVP Armi Warha who threw for five touchdowns and played some lock down defence.
Nathan Misir and Ti-emimimo Oladele both scored twice in the victory.  Crusty’s season was almost ended in the semi-finals as they eked out a 13-12 victory over the Original 16 free agents, preventing an all-free agent final.
This is the second straight season the free agents have come together to win a ‘ship.  Anyone looking to continue the trend of free agent championships in the summer season should contact the league to be placed on the team!

U16 National Championship (bronze medal game)

Team Manitoba 39 Nova Scotia 25

All three boys’ provincial flag football teams played in the PIT spring season to help gear up for the National tournament held in Kingston Ontario over May long weekend.
The U16s had to battle teams much older than them in league play, and this served them well during the National tournament. Manitoba fell short to team Ontario in the semi finals but gathered themselves to defeat Nova Scotia handily in the bronze medal game.
Vincent Massey standout quarterback Alex Britton led the charge for Team Manitoba. It will be fun watching some of these players develop under the tutelage of Todd Reid and Randy Grieman, who have been fixtures and multiple-time medalists as coaches for u16s.

U18 National Championship (bronze medal game)

Team Manitoba 27 Team Quebec 26

The Manitoba u18 provincial team, fresh off their flag football championship in the PIT Football league, made their way to Kingston Ontario to play in the Canadian national flag football championships.
The competition was fierce and there were legitimately four teams that could have had a chance at Gold. Team Manitoba had a tough semifinal loss to the eventual champions from Nova Scotia. The team did rebound to defeat Quebec by a single point in the bronze medal game.
The Manitoba defence dug in, needing a stop of a two-point conversion on the final play.  Safety Alex Klenk broke up the convert attempt to secure victory for Manitoba, take home the bronze medal, and win the game’s most valuable player in the process!

U19 National Championship (gold medal game)

Team Manitoba 34 Team Nova Scotia 12

Manitoba finished the national tournament undefeated, with a plus/minus of over +200 in those games. This Manitoba team, fresh off a defeat at the hands of the u18s in the PIT championship final, would not lose another game.
Manitoba won in dominant fashion and by double digit margins in every game at the National event. This team came into the tournament with a chip on their shoulder and proved to the rest of the nation they were the top dawgs.
Scott Sisson became Manitoba’s only two-time gold medal winning quarterback (along with his two-time champion teammates Riley Hanssen, Brady Fay, Miguel Reyes, and Jordan Warwick), dissecting defences along the way to the championship game most valuable player award.  Newcomers Jack McLean, Gavin Johannesson, Skylar Cudney, and Wilton Mullally mastered the playbook and balled out all tournament.
It is hard to contextualize a team that could play six consecutive near perfect games and combat the pressure that yields. Just incredible.

Spring MVP

Congratulations to Brandon Aguilar who was awarded the Spring 2024 most valuable player award.
Brandon was tied with two others in MVP voting and won the tiebreaker by finishing with the most MVP votes and the least number of games played. A narrow but deserved MVP award!
For his efforts, Brandon received a prize package from our league sponsors, including the MVP belt. Will Brandon join Raza Butt and Jason Gibbens in the pantheon of MVPs as the only two-time league MVP? The summer season is on now, and the MVP race begins anew!

League MVP

The league MVP takes into consideration all MVP votes from each of our four seasons of football.  The league MVP receives a prize package from our sponsors and partners, which includes a pair of Winnipeg Blue Bomber season tickets!
This year Pierre Feng is the winner of a pair of Winnipeg Blue Bomber season tickets for receiving the most MVP votes in the past year as voted on by his peers.  Congratulations and well-deserved Pierre, you had quite a remarkable run the past 12-months.

The PIT Football league is the official touch and flag football league of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.  Be sure to follow us @PITFootball on Instagram and Twitter, or check out our website