April 6, 2021

March Winner of the Coors Light Season Ticket Member Spotlight

Coors Light Season Ticket Member Spotlight - March Winner


Zach Schnitzer

Season ticket member since:


What has been your favourite moment as a Winnipeg Blue Bombers Fan?

Grey Cup Game! After the trophy presentation I walked through the concourse of McMahon. A Bomber fan grabbed a massive bag of popcorn and dumped the popcorn all over the Concourse. A bunch of us then started doing snow angels in the popcorn on the cement floor of the McMahon Concourse screaming with joy as popcorn rained down on us.

Who is your favourite player?

Andrew Harris

What are some of your game day traditions?

Listen to pregame on CJOB
Get on my dad’s old jersey that I bought him.
Play pump up music while my daughter and I wear our gear and have a dance party.
Pick up a buddy and drive to my mother in laws where we hop in with her and drive to the stadium and park.

Why should you be selected?

I have bled blue and gold for my whole life ever since my dad started taking me to games. I live for the Bombers. I read the fan forums, watch old highlights, and talk about the Bombers every day. I was at the Grey Cup. I buy Bombers t shirts for all my friends. They think it’s a gift but I’m actually turning them into fans. Being a Bombers fan with my dad was our favourite activity. Being at IG Field for a live Bomber game is the closest I feel to my dad and where my best memories of being with him live. Oh and I’ve watched the Grey Cup 100 times. Oh and I got to flip a coin at a regular season game in 2017. It was the year my dad died and I got a call from Carol on my dad’s birthday—the first one without him. I’ll never be able to thank the Bombers enough for that moment. To be selected to flip the coin at all, not to mention being informed on my dad’s birthday, a really hard day, was a championship moment for me.