Don Jonas

Don Jonas Winnipeg Blue Bombers quarterback 1973. Copyright photograph Scott Grant

                Don Jonas
Photo courtesy Scott Grant

Inducted: 1989

Quarterback: 1971-74

CFL All-Star: 1971, 1972

Division All-Star: 1971, 1972

CFL Most Outstanding Player: 1971

Jeff Nicklin Memorial Trophy (Most Outstanding Player, West Division): 1971

Dave Dryburgh Memorial Trophy (Leading scorer West Division): 1971

Blue Bombers Most Outstanding Player: 1971, 1973

The Blue Bombers were suffering through some sour years when Don Jonas arrived in 1971, and  he was the man who helped make the club sexy again. Jonas was the first Bomber to win the CFL’s Most Outstanding Player Award – seems ridiculous, given the likes of Ken Ploen and Leo Lewis back in the day – but he helped lead masses back onto the bandwagon.

He led the Bombers from last place in 1970 (2-14) to 7-8-1 and a playoff berth in 1971 while leading the CFL in scoring – he also was the placekicker – and named to the league’s all-star team. The two QBs on the CFL All-Star squad before him in 1968 and 1969 were none other than Russ Jackson and Ron Lancaster.