February 16, 2017

Number 75

Vic Anonsen WR 1979
Jim Avery (also 60) DE 1968
Joe Jackson LB 1975-76
Mike Kuhn (also 65, 72) LB 1971-72
Willie Lee DT 1979
Tommy Lumsden (also 63) E, DE, T, G 1951-54
Mickey Maguire RB, DB 1952
Ted McEachern LB 1974-75
Stan Mikawos (also 77) DT 1982-96
Tennie Pierce TE 1979
Ken Robinson TE 1974
John Steele DB 1973
Loyal Woznesensky DT, DE 1977-78


Winnipeg Football Club Hall of Famers:

  • Tommy Lumsden (1988)
  • Stan Mikawos (2000)


Division All-Stars:

  • Stan Mikawos (1993


Bomber Team Awards:

  • Most Outstanding Rookie Player – Mike Kuhn, 1972; Lyall Woznesensky, 1977


He Wore It Well: Stan Mikawos, DT, 1982-96

Stan Mikawos was born in Gdansk, Poland, but moved to Winnipeg as a youngster and then started making a name for himself on the football field at Gordon Bell High School, Mesabi Junior College and the University of North Dakota. The Bombers made him one of their territorial draft picks in 1982 and it wouldn’t be long before the tough-as-nails battler was making contributions from his defensive tackle position. He scored his only career TD in the 1984 Grey Cup win and was part of two more championships, in 1988 and 1992. Under-rated, but never unappreciated, Mikawos wore #75 for the first half of his career before switching to #77.


A Winnipeg product, Lumsden played for the Winnipeg Light Infantry before joining the Bombers. Tragically, he passed away in 1955 at the age of 25 after emergency gall bladder surgery. The Tommy Lumsden Memorial Trophy is presented annually to the Bombers Top Canadian.