February 15, 2017

Number 74

Al Ackland OE 1961
David Bailey WR 1974
Ecomet Burley DT 1980
Bill Caroll WR 1978
Marvin Davis DE 1978
Dick Donlin E 1957
Frank Gilliam TE 1957-59
Rodney Hughes WR 1990
Greg Johnson DE 1978-79
Mark McDonald WR 1975-78
Rob McLaren LB, S 1969-73
Ron Meadmore (also 78) DE 1956-61
Curt Merz G 1960
Tom Miner E, K 1956
Vernon Pahl (also 54) LB 1980-85, 1987-88
Ray Pelfrey E, FW, DB, P 1954
Dick Rigelhof LB 1981
Keith Shologan DT 2016
Hugh Turnbull (also 56) G 1963
Troy Westwood (also 7) K 1991-07, 2009
Lou Zivkovich (also 60) T 1965


Winnipeg Football Club Hall of Famers:

  • Troy Westwood (2011)


CFL All-Stars:

  • Troy Westwood (1992)


Division All-Stars:

  • Rob McLaren (1971)
  • Troy Westwood (1992, 1994)


Bomber Team Awards:

  • Most Outstanding Canadian – Troy Westwood, 2003
  • Most Outstanding Special Teams Player (established in 2000) – Troy Westwood, 2003
  • Ed Kotowich Good Guy Award – Vernon Pahl, 1987


He Wore It Well: Vernon Pahl, LB, FB 1980-85, 1987-88

Vernon Pahl did two tours of duty with the Bombers and has a couple of Grey Cup championships – 1984, 1988 – to show for it. A third-round pick of the club in 1980 out of the University of Prince Edward Island, Pahl was a solid utility player during his eight years in Winnipeg. Later during his career, he switched from linebacker to fullback, and in addition to serving the community as the inaugural winner of the Ed Kotowich Good Guy Award, Pahl spent some of his offseasons selling advertising for the football club.


An offensive end, Al Ackland was a Winnipeg product coming out of the Weston Wildcats program, who played two games in 1961 before his release. He then took the team to court because, as a territorial exemption, was prevented from joining another team. He would later surface in Edmonton.


Troy Westwood, the Bombers all-time leading scorer and hall of famer, began his career wearing #74 before switching to #7. We singled him out at #7.