October 26, 2011

Buck Pierce receives Ed Kotowich Good Guy Award

Winnipeg Blue Bomber quarterback Buck Pierce has been named the 2011 recipient of the Ed Kotowich Good Guy Award, which recognizes a Blue Bomber player for their excellence in combining football ability, team camaraderie and extraordinary effort in the community.

Since signing with the Blue Bombers in April, 2010, Pierce has made a commitment to the city of Winnipeg by putting up permanent residence year-round and has been very active in the community, giving back whenever he can.  He has donated his time to organizations such as the United Way and has participated in many Blue Bomber appearances with the I Love to Read program at various schools throughout the city and province.  Pierce has also taken the time to reach outside of Winnipeg and has travelled to many different rural towns throughout Manitoba for public speaking events.

“I am very humbled to be receiving this honour, but to me, there is nothing greater than giving back to the community that you get the opportunity to represent,” said Pierce.  “I really enjoy everything about the city of Winnipeg and am proud to call myself a Blue Bomber.”

The award honours Ed Kotowich – a former outstanding offensive lineman who played for Winnipeg from 1955-1961, playing in three Grey Cup games (’58, ’59, ’61).

After retiring as a player, Kotowich worked with the Winnipeg Rods as an offensive line coach and later with minor football programs at Winakwa and Windsor Park Community Clubs.  He also served as an alderman for the city of St. Boniface between 1968 and 1977 and worked on a number of community boards, including the St. Boniface Parks Board, the St. Boniface Museum and the Knights of Columbus.  

Kotowich was an outstanding player on the field and was even more outstanding in the community and this award goes to the Bomber player who best represents what Kotowich was all about.

Ed Kotowich Award Winners:

2011 – Buck Pierce
2010 – Doug Brown
2009 – Jon Oosterhuis
2008 – Obby Khan
2007 – Milt Stegall
2006 – Chris Cvetkovic
2005 – Milt Stegall
2004 – Matt Sheridan
2003 – Moe Elewonibi
2002 – Dave Mudge
2001 – Brett MacNeil
2000 – Troy Westwood
1999 – Dave Vankoughnett
1998 – Glen Scrivener
1997 – Wade Miller
1996 – Wade Miller
1995 – Miles Gorrell
1994 – Matt Pearce
1993 – Matt Dunigan
1992 – Darryl Sampson
1991 – Matt Pearce
1990 – Rod Hill
1989 – Perry Tuttle
1988 – Trevor Kennerd
1987 – Vernon Pahl