October 18, 2010

Winnipeg Blue Bombers Inducted Into Manitoba Rugby Hall Of Fame

The Manitoba Rugby Hall of Fame celebrates the history of the sport of rugby in Manitoba, acknowledging and thanking those who have significantly contributed to the game and its development. The inaugural induction of the first 10 members took place on Saturday, October 16, 2010. The Manitoba Rugby Hall of Fame has been established in recognition of the 130-year history of the sport of rugby (first played in 1879) in Manitoba.

“We are honored to recognize these 10 individuals and organizations for their significant contributions and accomplishments to the game of rugby in Manitoba,” says Ray Hoemsen, Chair, Manitoba Rugby Hall of Fame 2010 Selection Sun-Committee.  “As Pioneers, Builders, Officials, Players and Teams, they have set a very high standard for others to follow.”

The Winnipeg Rugby Football Club was established in 1879; the same year rugby was first played in Manitoba, and is now celebrating its 80th Anniversary as the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Although the Winnipeg Rugby Football Club changed codes from “rugby union” to “gridiron football”, their roots were in rugby – which is the foundation for Canadian and American football today. In 1935, the “Winnipegs” were the first Western team to win the Grey Cup – which was originally presented to Canada’s amateur rugby football champion.

“The Winnipeg Football Club is honored to share such a historic and storied past with its Rugby Roots” commented Vice-President Jerry Maslowsky who accepted the award on behalf of the Club.


  • ALBERT SHEPHERDSON – Wanderers Rugby Football Club
  • IAN WILLIAMS – Wasps Rugby Football Club


  • DWIGHT EVANS – Assassins Rugby Football Club
  • JOHN “KIWI” REILLY – Brandon Barbarians Rugby Football Club (Posthumous)
  • GILLIS ROY – University of Manitoba Wombats Rugby Football Club


  • KEN ADAMS – Manitoba Association of Rugby Referees


  • LARRY “BIGFOOT” DEBOOY – Saracens Rugby Football Club (Posthumous)
  • CORINNE ENNS – Sturgeon Creek Rowdies Rugby Football Club
  • WINNIPEG RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB (1879-1935) now Winnipeg Blue Bombers (since 1936)

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