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Event Day Policies

We want you to enjoy your "game day" experience. Hold yourself to a high standard. Cheer our Winnipeg Blue Bombers to victory with class. Remember that visiting teams, their families and their fans are our guests. Be respectful. As Winnipeg continues to grow, help us to gain recognition and improve our reputation by interacting with each other and visitors in a way that makes us all proud.

Please ensure you bring all permitted items with you as there is a no re-entry policy.

Prohibited Items Listing

This list will be in effect for all stadium events unless otherwise notified:

- No outside food with exception of single serving snack (e.g., chocolate bar, carrots, etc.).
- No outside beverages
- Fans with medical issues (e.g., diabetes, etc.) that require special exemptions please contact the main office (phone 204-784-2583) 24 hours before game time for a pass.
- No outside alcohol, illegal drugs, weapons (or items deemed hazardous by security), incendiary devices (e.g., fireworks, smoke bombs, etc.), or poles of any sort.
- No flasks, ice bags, ice chests, coolers or picnic baskets.
- No frisbees, playing balls, laser pointers, boom boxes, riding skateboards, wearing rollerblades or roller skates in Investors Group Field.
- No musical instruments, air horns, powered megaphones, pets, obscene/indecent signs or clothing.

For spectator safety, authorities are allowed to inspect patrons and their bags upon entering events. While security wands will be the primary screening device, authorities may conduct manual searchers should they come across anything they deem suspicious.

- Anyone found in the game, or attempting to get in the game, with outside alcohol or drugs will be subject to arrest and evicted from the game.
- Only hand held cameras are allowed (non-professional and can fit into your jacket pocket with no attachable lenses).
- Only small bags that can fit under one (1) seat will be allowed.
- One (1) litre and smaller empty bottles are allowed.
- Baby strollers that can fit under your seats and clear of aisle ways are allowed.
- Only collapsible umbrellas (to under 18 inches) are allowed but cannot be opened inside the event.
- Winnipeg Football Club staff reserve the right to prohibit any additional items.
- All fans must be 18 or older to purchase alcohol and must have valid I.D.
- Smoking will be allowed outside the Northwest and Northeast exits ONLY.

We are committed to making events family friendly therefore there is no unruly, threatening or disruptive behaviour such as: profane or abusive language, fighting, throwing objects, intoxication, smoking in the stands, sitting in the aisles or standing on the seats.

The above behaviour can result in ejection, arrest and/or loss of ticket (including season ticket privileges).

Fans entering the field at any time are subject to arrest.

Should you observe any of this disruptive behaviour, please notify your nearest security or law enforcement officer or use the Fan Helpline at 204-788-HELP or text BOMBERS to 78247.
Mon 7:30 pm CDT June 9, 2014
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