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The Winnipeg Blue Bomber cheerleaders have gone by many names in the half century since the cheer team was created. From The Bomberettes and the Blue Brigade to the Blue Lightning Dance Team and now the Blue Bomber Cheer Team, our cheerleaders have long been an integral part of the proud tradition of the Football Club. In 2012, the Blue Bomber Cheer Team began a new chapter in its history, welcoming male athletes to the fold as it became a co-ed stunt, cheer and dance team.

For years, the Blue Bomber cheer teams have been recognized among the best in the CFL. Our coaches & choreographers possess impressive resumes filled with years of national caliber experience.

But it’s not just about performing for fans at football games. The members of the Blue Bomber Cheer Team are required to complete a minimum 20 hours of volunteer work every year, and can regularly be seen at community events across Manitoba. In addition, because they are our ambassadors in the community, all BBCT members are required to pass a written test on the game of football, the CFL and the Winnipeg Football Club before being accepted onto the team.

The Blue Bomber Cheer Team members work extremely hard throughout the year and personify professionalism, perseverance and class. The members of the current team would like to thank all of those who led the way; we sincerely appreciate all of the hard work of those who came before us!

For more information on how you can become part of the Cheer Team, take a look at the Auditions link on this website. If you are interested in having members of the Winnipeg Blue Bomber Cheer Team at one of your events, make sure you check out the Special Appearance link. General Inquires can be forwarded to



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Ashley Fadden

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