There is no better way to enjoy Blue Bombers Football than with a group of your friends, co-workers or family. Bringing a large group to a Blue Bomber game is easier than ever! Group tickets allow groups of 15 or more to sit together. A Blue Bombers home game is the ultimate group outing.


To get started please contact:

Blair Sidorow, Account Executive, Group & Corporate Tickets, at 204-784-7292

Mitchell Thompson, Account Executive, Group & Corporate Tickets, at 204-784-7453


1. Pick your seats:

Choose tickets in one of the following categories. Up to 28% off!

 P3:  $48.00 per ticket or Ticket & Hat Combo for $57.00
 P4:  $39.00 per ticket or Ticket & Hat Combo for $48.00
 P5:  $32.00 per ticket or Ticket & Hat Combo for $41.00
 P6:  $30.00 per ticket or Ticket & Hat Combo for $39.00
P7 P7:   $20.00 per ticket or Ticket & Hat Combo for $29.00
P3 FF:  $28.00 per ticket or Ticket & Hat Combo for $37.00

The Ticket & Hat Combo hat is valued at $22.50

*Group Tickets are available for the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Banjo Bowl, however no discount pricing applies (Banjo Bowl tickets are an added $12 each).
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2. Consider choosing a pre-game fan experience:

Want group photos with Buzz & Boomer?  What about watching the players warm-up on the sidelines?  For an additional charge, your group can add a special “Fan Experience” to make your outing even more exciting!

3. Parking:

Add parking passes for $20 each, or $10 for the Value Lot. (The Value Lot is located at the back of the University of Manitoba campus; shuttles will run to and from the stadium to help transport fans parking in the Value Lot.)


Please call our Group & Corporate Tickets Account Executives at 204-784-7292, or fill out this form.