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Sat Sep 16
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Coaching Staff

Kyle Walters, General Manager of Football Operations
Danny McManus, Assistant General Manager / Director of U.S. Scouting
Ted Goveia, Assistant General Manager / Director of Player Personnel
Drew Morris, National Scout
Mike O’Shea, Head Coach
Paul LaPolice, Offensive Coordinator & Receivers Coach
Bob Wylie, Offensive Line
Marty Costello, Assistant Offensive Line Coach
Buck Pierce, Quarterbacks Coach
Richie Hall, Defensive Coordinator
Todd Howard, Defensive Line Coach
Glen Young, Linebackers Coach
Avon Cobourne, Running Backs Coach
Paul Boudreau, Special Teams Assistant


Football Operations

Alain Couture, Head Athletic Therapist
Steve Sobczak, Assistant Athletic Therapist/Strength & Conditioning
Chris Mikolajek, Assistant Athletic Therapist
Brad Fotty, Head Equipment Manager
Kevin Todd, Assistant Equipment Manager
Jared Cronk, Assistant Equipment Manager
Dave Siddall, Director of Football Operations
Matt Gulakow, Team Services Coordinator
Kent Anderson, Video Coordinator
Colin Thurston, Assistant Video Coordinator
Troy Zins, Video Assistant