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Blue Lightning - Our Team

The Winnipeg Blue Bomber Cheerleaders have been known by many names in the 50-plus years they have been in existence. The Bomberettes and The Blue Brigade have made way, since 1996, to the Labatt Blue Lightning Dance Team.

Today, the Labatt Blue Lightning Dance Team is widely known for its talent, intelligence, athleticism, style and is one of the most recognized and appreciated dance teams in the CFL. This elite level performance team’s dance repertoire includes a variety of dance styles and is fortunate to work with a professional choreographer throughout the season.

The 26 person squad was announced in May 2011 after a three day formal audition period, followed by an interview process. The young women on the team are between 18 and 35 years of age, with the squad’s most senior members returning for their eighth seasons. These multi-talented women practice one night a week for 7 months of the year in addition to holding careers in fields such as dance instruction, politics, education and nursing. Many members are also students with aspirations such as clinical psychology dentistry.

All members of the team must complete a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer work and therefore regularly make appearances at various community events throughout the province. In addition, all members must also pass a written test on the game of football, the CFL and the Winnipeg Football club.

The Blue Lightning Dance Team along with Tinholt Photography & Design, have created a 12-month calendar and celebrates their third year partnership. It is also the eighth season for the team’s makeup artist Chrissy Hegedus and the sixth season for the team’s partnership with HairFx. For a full list of sponsors please visit the Labatt Blue Lightning webpage at

The Labatt Blue Lightning work extremely hard throughout the year and value professionalism, perseverance and class. The members of the current team would like to thank all of those who led the way and appreciate all the hard work of those that came before us.

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